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The experts at our Ford dealership in York, PA, make it easy to sell your car for cash. Visit our Pennsylvania Ford dealer to speak with a sales professional and get your trade-in appraised. We'll estimate the value of your vehicle, then you can either sell your car for cash or trade in your car for a new Ford.

Sell your car or Motorcycle simply

Come in on your time and leave with payment in hand.

Key Vehicle Information

If you're ready to sell your car, know that you can visit Apple Ford of Red Lion for a free appraisal of your vehicle.

Trade-In Appraisal

We'll provide you with a competitive offer on your vehicle and you can take a few days to decide. Then, you can sell your vehicle to our Pennsylvania car dealer and get money for your trade!

Buy A New Car or Keep Your Money

You can apply your trade-in offer to a down payment on a new vehicle from us or walk away with some extra money in your bank account. You can do either at Apple Ford of Red Lion!

How Do We Come Up With Your Offer?

The appraisers at our Red Lion, PA, Ford dealer are experienced and will provide you with an offer that you're sure to love! There are a few factors we consider when appraising your vehicle:

Vehicle Condition

From the interior to the exterior, we look to see if there are issues beyond the standard wear and tear.

Features & Packages

We'll evaluate what special options your vehicle offers. Whether it's heated seats or a navigation system, we'll let you know if your car is worth more thanks to its perks!

Vehicle History Report

We'll pull a vehicle history report to see your car's service and accident records.

Test-Drive Your Car

A member of our team will take your car for a quick test-drive to check steering, brakes and other functions.

What Do I Need To Sell Or Trade In My Car Or Motorcycle?

Vehicle Title

We'll need your car's title, if you have it, or your payoff information. Whoever is listed on the car's title should be present when you visit our dealership.


A valid and current registration for your vehicle. This way, we can confirm ownership of the vehicle.

Valid ID

A valid state-issued photo ID. If there is more than one titleholder, everyone must have their ID with them!


All keys, key fobs or remotes! If the original keys are missing, the offer for your vehicle may have to be adjusted.

Our Offer Is Good For Six Days.

More Car Selling FAQs for Drivers

No! You can simply sell us your car and walk away with your offer.

There are many factors we look into when appraising a vehicle. We'll look at the car's make, model, year, mileage and its vehicle history report. Additionally, we'll take a look at the condition of your vehicle to see if there are any major defects that could impact the offer. We'll take a test-drive of your car as well and if any repairs are needed, we may need to make adjustments on your offer.

We'll write you a check the same day you sell us your car.

Yes! In most cases, you can sell your leased car. Similar to a financed car with no title, we can appraise the car and contact the company you're working with for a payoff quote. However, not all leasing companies will allow you to sell your car.

No, it's not required. Although, an appointment will help save you time when you visit!

If your car has "negative equity," which means the payoff amount is more than the offer you receive, you have a few options. If you opt to buy a new car at Apple Automotive, it's possible we can include your negative equity in the financing offer. If it cannot be included, we'll help you calculate the difference and you can pay our dealership directly.

In some cases, yes. Please speak with our Ford financing team about your options!

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Selling your car is easy at Apple Ford of Red Lion because our experts what to do to make your car selling experience convenient and stress-free. If you want to take the process offline, you can visit our Red Lion, Pennsylvania, dealership to speak with a sales professional about your trade-in and appraisals. With our guidance and sales help, we'll estimate the value of your car before you make a final decision with us. 

How To Sell Your Car at Apple Ford of Red Lion

If you want to get started with selling your car in person, you can come in at any time during business hours and leave with your car's value in your pocket. With Apple Ford of Red Lion, you have plenty of options. To begin the process of selling your car with us, you can visit us during business hours for a free appraisal of your vehicle. Even if you don't go through with a sale from us, you can return at any time to resume the process right where you left off. 

When we work with you about your car, we provide competitive pricing for your vehicle, and you can take six days to consider your offer. If you're not interested in getting cash right away and want to take part in a trade-in, we can work with you to use your car sale as a down payment for your next vehicle. If you'd rather just take cash, you can walk away from your sale with money in your account. Want to get started with the trade process from home? Get your value estimated in just seconds with our value calculator

How To Know What Your Car Is Worth

When you work with our appraisal team at Red Lion, we're committed to giving you the best offer possible. Our salespeople are experienced and use many factors when determining the value of your vehicle. First, they consider vehicle conditions. The interior and exterior of your car all effects the resale value that we'll offer after our assessment. 

Next, we evaluate the features or extra appliances you have for your vehicle. Anything from heated seats to navigation apps can help boost the value of your trade-in. We also assess a vehicle history report to see your car's accident and service records. Finally, we'll give your car a test drive for a quick check of the steering, brakes, and other necessary functions.

What You Need To Sell Your Car to Apple Ford of Red Lion

If you want to sell your car with us, you'll need just a few things to get started. First, we'll need the title for your vehicle, if you have it. If you don't have it, your payoff information also can supplement this. Whoever is listed on the title of the car also needs to be present when you visit the dealership for a sale. Second, you'll need the registration for your car. A valid and current registration is required for all vehicle sales. This is so we can confirm who owns the vehicle and whether we can legally buy it. 

Third, we'll need to see some ID. A valid, state-issued photo ID or diver's license is necessary for any sales. If there's more than one title holder, everyone needs to have their ID present for the transaction. Finally, we'll need the keys. Anything necessary to make the car run, including keys, any key fobs, or remotes, can help us receive the car as close to newly operational as possible. If you're missing the original keys for the vehicle, this could affect your standing offer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Selling Your Car

Thinking about selling a car with us? If you start an offer but need some more time to think about it, we keep our current sessions open for six days after your initial consultation. That way, you have time to gather everything you need to make your car selling experience seamless and beneficial. Below, we have a few frequently asked questions that might help answer any interests you may have. If what you want to know isn't below, feel free to reach out to us online or over the phone.

Can I Sell a Car on Behalf of a Company?

In some cases, you can sell a car on the behalf of a company. To learn more about your options with selling as a representative, consider speaking with a Ford financing team member about your options.

Can I Still Sell My Car if I Owe More on It Than What I'm Offered?

If your car has negative equity, this means that the payoff amount you currently have is more than the offer you receive. In this situation, you still have some options. If you want to buy a new car at Apple Automotive with your payment, we may be able to include your negative equity in that financing offer. If you can't include this negative equity, we can help you calculate those differences and you can pay the dealership directly from there.

Do I Need To Schedule an Appointment for an Appraisal?

No, an in-person appointment isn't required for an appraisal. You can walk in for a sale and leave with funds in your pocket, though an appointment may help your time with us proceed more smoothly.

Can I Sell a Leased Car?

If you have a leased vehicle, in most cases you can still sell it. This situation is similar to a financed car that has no title. We can still appraise the car and contact the company that you work with for a quote about your payoff. Keep in mind not all leasing companies may allow you to sell your car.

How Do I Receive My Payment for My Sold Car?

When you sell your car to us, you receive a check directly from us on the same day that you sell your car. If you choose to opt for a trade-in, that balance you gained directly applies to your down payment.

Convinced yet? At Apple Ford of Red Lion, we help make your selling process as easy as it can be. Our experts are eager to hear from you about your vehicle. With all kinds of options for where you can put your money from your sold car, consider contacting us at Apple Ford of Red Lion today to get your sale started.