When it comes time to buy a new truck, there are a lot of things to learn. How much can it tow? How many seats does it have? What sort of entertainment features are on board? While you're researching all these questions, one thing you should look into is what the truck is made of. For Ford trucks specifically, there are two possibilities when it comes to the materials used for the truck's frame - aluminum and steel. These two materials offer different advantages and it's important to know which you're getting before you buy. Below, we'll outline which Ford trucks are made of aluminum along with why Ford decided to switch to this material a few years back.

Ford Trucks Made of Aluminum

Ford truck next to a Ford Bronco

There are a few different kinds of Ford trucks, which determines their primary building material. Since 2015, Ford has made their popular F-150 truck out of aluminum. Then, in 2017, they also started creating their F-Series Super-Duty trucks out of aluminum as well. This trend continues until today, with these two models using aluminum bodies and all other Ford trucks having the typical steel bodies. Both of these trucks were the first of their respective classes to use the lighter-weight material.

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Benefits of Using Aluminum

Why did Ford decide to start making some of their truck bodies out of aluminum instead of steel? The answer is that aluminum provides some distinct benefits over steel. These benefits include:


The biggest reason to use aluminum over steel is that it's much lighter. By creating their truck bodies out of a lighter material, Ford has a few advantages. First, with a lower mass, engines don't have to work as hard. This means that Ford can produce better performance metrics with the same engine on a lighter vehicle compared to a heavier steel one. For example, you can often get better towing and hauling capacities because the engine doesn't need to spend as much energy on forcing the weight of the truck.

With lighter trucks also comes better fuel efficiency. Since the engine doesn't have to work as hard to propel more mass, it can save on gas. If you're looking for a truck with the best possible fuel efficiency so that you don't have to make as many trips to the gas station, then you'll likely want to look for a truck with an aluminum body.

More affordable

Aluminum trucks are often more affordable in the long term as well. There are a few reasons for this. First, aluminum trucks are more resistant to corrosion, which can help lower maintenance costs. In addition, since aluminum is more recyclable than steel, this makes it easier for Ford to create replacement parts, saving you money on repairs.

In addition to lower repair and maintenance costs, aluminum trucks also save you money at the gas pump. As we said, the lighter frame results in better fuel efficiency. This means you can go longer without having to stop at the gas station. Over time, you can save a considerable amount on gas simply by driving a truck with a lighter frame. When you consider the unpredictable nature of gas prices, any opportunity to save on gas is one you should strongly consider.

Easy to repair

Another great benefit of owning a truck that's made of aluminum is that it's often easier to repair. There are two reasons for this. First, aluminum is easier to work with or shape, meaning repair shops can more easily repair damage from accidents as opposed to steel. Should you get into an accident with your aluminum Ford truck, you'll likely find that the repair times are much shorter compared to those of Ford trucks made entirely of steel.

It's also easier to repair aluminum because parts are easier to come by.  Since Ford can recycle aluminum parts more easily, this means there are more parts available. So, rather than waiting for your specific part to become available, you can get your truck back to normal in a shorter amount of time. 

Should You Get an Aluminum Ford Truck?

Whether you should get an aluminum truck depends on a few factors. You should primarily think about what you'll be using your truck for. If you're looking for a truck that you can drive every day and to perform some light work with, then you'll likely love an aluminum truck. This is because aluminum trucks are more fuel efficient and are perfectly capable of handling many jobs.

On the other hand, if you need a truck that can handle the toughest of jobs, you may prefer one with a steel frame. While aluminum frames can take some punishment, steel frames are still a little sturdier. So, if you need a truck for work or for some intense jobs around the house, a steel-framed truck may be better able to take the beating.

For the average truck owner, an aluminum truck is probably more than adequate. You should consider getting a steel-framed truck if you need something extremely durable or if the steel-framed models have other features that you're looking for.

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